elcome to the Wild Acres
It’s been a wonderful and exciting 2023
so far! Wild Acres is our family home, and
we are delighted to share our news and
fun events with you.
We hope you may be inspired to join us
for a coffee or join in some activities at
some point. Perhaps you may like to visit
as a volunteer… a chat with our residents,
entertain or pamper in some way? You
can really make a difference.
I am immensely proud of our caring and
supportive team who are instrumental to
making Wild Acres the special home that
it is. We are blessed by the recruitment
of our two outstanding Activities Co-
Ordinators, Denise and Jade. There is
never a dull moment!
That brings me to our ‘Above and Beyond’
project! Read more inside to see how we
are committed to making our residents
lives exceptional at Wild Acres…
Wild Acres has benetted from some
refurbishment over the last 6 months,
with new ooring, updated IT systems
and some wonderful planting in our
gardens – with the residents help of
I hope you enjoy reading about us as
much as we enjoy doing it!
Andrina Fry
Registered Manager
Above and Beyond
October Newsletter